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To Cloud.

I wrote this up in a jiffy and I'm pretty sure my subconscious meant it for you, nubenove. Or maybe me. I dunno. And the rest of us who feel confuddled at the moment.

the state of unthinking/doing

I think that I know--
I don't know--
I think and I think but I can't be sure.
I think and then am told:                          <-- (I wish I were told.) 
Enough. Don't think, do.
And I sink into relief, into motion.

Uh. The rest of my LJ F-list, I bet you guys are pretty happy with shunning me right now. I'm not apologetic for my absence this time round, though. I think I'm fine with my tight Twitter circle because--ironically--I haven't the energy to interact with more people. (Yes, I am aware my exams have ended and I did okay and got my uni places and all but all that I want to do these days is to lie around and read fic I wish I would bugger out of this phase already ARGH.)

Another matter: I still owe folks (makes vague waving motions, as I'm not sure who still remembers and is waiting for ) the Recs list that I promised at the end of last year. I've just been sucked into a new pairing-ficdom and the writers there are splendid, and I think they do deserve a mention, thus I guess I shall see about throwing together the list soon.


This year...

Merry X'mas to y'ens.

For those whose situations have taken a sudden turn for the worse this season, may you be blessed with guidance and the gaman spirit.

If you belly's half-full, wishing that it'll be filled up soon.

For those who have had a merry holiday, I hope you'll have many more of such days. :D

Take care, folks.

/waves furry fore-foot and wriggles nose,


It is quite unusual for Steffi to be posting birthday messages to non-LJ users, but...

For my dear cousin Dr. Angie:


To be perfectly honest, I have other reasons for uploading this here.

1. Stupid Facebook can't display the animated sequence of GIFs.

2. I'm proud that I have learnt how to use the "animate" function on Photoshop.

3. I'd like to 发扬光大 the fact that I am now related to a Dr. So-and-so. XD Seeing Cousin W's scissoring her fingers is oddly hypnotic.

A little make-up gift for my LJ F-list for spamming the doll posts all this while: A list of my favourite novels, manga, online soundbytes, videos and fanworks of all time. The list will be organised by type, genre or fandom or defining characteristics, some of which may be vague, or anally specific. (Read: It'll be messy, please bear with it.) Most will be linked, but no commentary shall be added in the list. If you'll like my opinion of whichever entry though, feel free to comment and I will do my best to tell you why I believe it is worth a mention.

I may also be putting up a NSFW/NC-17 list up later, particularly for individual works, in case I have any young readers that I am not aware of.

Bunnisteffi's Illustro-Litero-Audio-Video Recco List  
(1/2 - The People/Groups List)

Without further ado, I shall begin with my long-time pet favourites:

Fantasy Writers
Tamora Pierce (tammypierce)
Diana Wynne Jones
Alison Croggon
J.K. Rowlings
Kristin Cashore
Sarah Mickelm
Paula Volsky
Isaac Marion
Libba Bray (libba_bray)
Naomi Novik
Helen Dunmore
Melina Marchetta
(I am merely limiting myself to the 12 at the top of my noggin; I'll probably brain myself later for leaving a couple well-deserving fantasy writers out. It may occur to you that most of the names up there are female. I only came to notice this recently. ._.)

General Writers (i.e. non-Fantasy writers >_<")
L.M. Montgomery
Elinor Brent-Dyer
Laura Ingalls Wilder
The Brontë sisters
Peter Høeg
Hiro Arikawa
Georgette Heyer
Scott Westerfeld
Umberto Eco
Paul Celan
e.e. cummings

Mangaka/Comic Writers/Artists (Clue: I go for the pretty artwork, so nothing here should hurt your eyes.)
Nao Tsukiji
Umino Chica
Kubo Tite
Ninomiya Tomoko
Yamada Nanpei
Craig Thompson
Bill Willingham
Amy Sol
Otto Björnik

Music Artistes/Groups (I'm the worst person for this, actually, but if you're interested to know what I've been listening to...)
Aqua Timez
Death Cab for Cutie
Sarah Blasko
Oren Lavie
Sam Tsui
Aoi Teshima

Incoming: The SFW Works List (2a/2); The NSFW Works List (2b/2).

EOY BJD Meme 2011

Recycling last year's doll meme as I haven't seen any new ones this year:

2011 Doll Meme (2nd Edition with Illustrations!)

What is your favorite…

New Company for 2011: Uh... Switch isn't new anymore, right? Since they've just had their 1st Anniversary? Hm. Uh. Mostly, I've been hiding under the Switch rock, so... >A<
New Male Sculpt for 2011: Switch Soseo 

New Female Sculpt for 2011: La Legende de Temps Edria 

Limited Edition Fullset for 2011: Well. I dunno. One of the SDGr sets? SDGr Lorina, if just for her body. /sniffs

BJD Outfit for 2011: Anlegy's Greensleaf Ceruleanu Set (which I ended up purchasing)
[SD] Ceruleanu
BJD Shoes for 2011: Endless Rhapsody's suede-and-floral booties (which have been announced but aren't released yet)
Doll “innovation” for 2011: I dunno. What's new-fangled these days?
Free Event Item in 2011: I mostly purchased from Switch this year and Switch doesn't do freebies, nice as they are.
BJD Event or Contest in 2011: Pretty much busy with exams this year, but I think HKDP5 tops it, even though I didn't attend. And then there's TDA 2011 in June, which I did attend.
(MokpoP's image from Flickr of Hong Kong Dollism Plus 5)
Gather 'round ye merry-folk! = TDA'11
(Bunnisteffi's image from The Doll Affair 2011)
BJD Article, Book, Magazine or other Publication in 2011: O.O 

In 2011, how many…
…doll events did you attend? 1. The Doll Affair. And a couple of meets here and there.
…dolls did you buy? 3: Switch Soseo, MSDoll Ganymede and So Nyeon Gi Uhui.
…dolls did you miss out on buying? 1: LLdT Edria.
…dolls did you sell? None. But I'm going to be putting the Luts KDF Litchi on the marketplace as Sana's gonna be reshelled to the Uhui~
…doll hobbyists did you meet in person for the first time? I don't keep track of the new folks I come across! But the memorable ones who I keep? More than 2, less than 5, I think. But I did grow closer to a couple, like chibikayajo_sen7 ...

In 2011, did you…
…buy more/fewer dolls than you had planned? I didn't quite plan, but I knew that I wanted Ama-kun to have his human form, thus Soseo came in timely. The Ganymede was a long-time favourite, but it doesn't look like I've a character for him at the moment. Sana's reshelling... it occured to me that Uhui looks similar to her current Litchi sculpt, if just in spirit and I have been mulling over turning Sana to a SD sculpt over this year, so.
…acquire your dream doll? MSDoll Ganymede, since I've coveted him when he was first released.
…find a new dream doll? Nope.
…learn a new skill? Not really. I continued on my dressmaking for dolls endeavour.
…improve on something you knew how to do already? Ditto above and doll photography, I guess. But I've now just switched over to a Nikon D7000 (christened Nikkō Denna) so I need to get used to this new system of shooting first.

... A short list, it seems. Doll folks, do this too! It's a good way to tabulate and reflect on your resin transactions and contribution to global warming, too.


P.S. I swear that the post coming up later this week shall be more general, rather than so perversely doll-related again. >A<

P.P.S. In other news, I've had Yellowglen bubbly and cranberry Stollen this evening at my aunt's! :D Starting the Christmas party early!
Now that it's been a week and a day since the end of my "A" Levels, I thought I should make it a point to round off this tedious, enlightening journey that began 14 years ago...

... Or not. I don't feel an inclination to talk about academics right this moment, just that I've experienced equal parts of anxiety, joy, satisfaction, guilt, camaraderie etc. etc. in the most recent 2 years. The friends that I've made and re-attached  to--you certainly know who you are: chuo_riraining_onhokutoshichisei and various unnamed--have delighted me and given me cause for worry, but I'm certain that I'll be keeping you in the time to come. :) I've not yet emerged a better person, but it won't be for the lack of trying, nor has there been no improvement of my self, I should think.

On the other hand, it would appear that I have neglected my LJ family these past few months. For that, I apologise and hope that we can re-kindle those feelings lost over this time. I'd like to thank Qiu Ling (bananakaya) and my cosmic twin laurie_bunter for having sent me snail mail all along to remind me of their existence and support. (Have you guys received my cards yet?) I've been a miserly correspondent, meep, and hope that I won't lose track of you all again. 

In other news...

1. I've been on the hunt for a part-time job to tide me through until the release of my exam results. So far, there's a chance that Steffi may end up being:
- A zoo trail marshal
- An arts & craft teacher
- A waitress
- Kinokuniya retail assistant (it seems unlikely now that they haven't contacted me so far. Boo.)

Really hoping to land myself with some money-source enriching and challenging employment soon.

2. Flick Account Woes (Photo of Klae, beware!)Collapse )

3. Switch Meet Update Part TWOCollapse )

Aaaaaand. That's all for now. :D



Dear folks.

I'm afraid that the very first post I make after ending my hiatus is a doll post. Sorry. I promise I shall be dynamic a LJ-er by the post after the next. (Yes, next post will be a follow-up to this post; it's a doll post, too.)

It's unbelievable how circumstances have changed. A year ago, I wouldn't have thought that we would have been able to organise a company-based meet for Switch's dolls in the likes of Volks, Luts and Soom meets. But with the ballooning of the Switch population here (which is set to double by next year, since many of our blank heads will be painted in the meanwhile), I'm really glad to say that THE UNBELIEVABLE (to Steffi, at least) HAS HAPPENED. *____*

Many thanks to the other lovely Switch owners for making this possible: raining_onjo_sen7yagamijounit545fossilang3llightlybattered, moptech. A special shout-out to gothiquelolita and Marjo (of manikamanila) for joining the fun fray. 

A couple of teaser photos for our meet at Octa Hotel

The first is a photo request thread. If you'll like any raw photo files of your dolls, leave a comment there and I'll get back to you. If you haven't a flickr account, then you may comment here. :)

271111 SWITCH MEET - Octa Hotel.

Teaser shots this way!Collapse )

It was an altogetherly enjoyable meet, particularly as it's the first for me since I took a break to work for my A Levels. The meet location -- recommended by a number of folks, plus a place I've been longing to go since I saw a programme on it a while ago -- is perfect for a small gathering. Good lighting, amiable staff, delish food, lovely decor... what's not to like? :D

Now, it's time for me to head to bed. (I've been lugging a couple of kilos of resin + electronics from 10am until 5pm around town. I should think that I deserve some sleep. /justifies to self)

P.S. Drop by raining_on's LJ post for more coverage on today's meet!

P.P.S. And yes, I'm intentionally holding off the group shot as I wanna edit it properly.

Butterballs all, butterballs me.

I didn't spend my break doing utterly nothing meaningful, guys.

Yesterday was Gentle Paws's (a privately run dog shelter) 13th Furry Day event. It's a day when humans head down to bring the shelter dogs out for their once-a-month outing at Pasir Ris Park/Beach. I was roped in by my cousin Pooh to join in this good (and fun!) cause -- actually, I would have gone anyway once I knew about it. I mean, there're furkids there for the picking to rough house with and there shelter folks are more than happy to have volunteer photogs around. As such, I headed down with Syon, a bag of scrap cake (the kind you can get at the bakery for a dollar a packet) -- for myself! -- and basically nothing much else. They don't really ask for much, just for you to have ready, strong hands and your wits and compassion about you. (Oh yes, you also need to be at least 17 years old. :D)

While the time I spent with the dogs wasn't long, what little I got to know of them had my understanding of local dogs (a.k.a. Those Stray Mutts) turned a 180-degrees. I learnt that, if these dogs are given the right kind of attention and love that their luckier, born-in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time-to-the-right-set-of-blue-blooded-dam-and-sire counterparts receive, they can be smashingly lively and lovely doggy friends. The route to making them so's definitely a lot more challenging (and sometimes heartbreaking) than if you were to work with the clean slate of a pedigree flown in direct from the Oz, but somehow, I should think that it makes them all the more worth it? If I were to sit down and think of it properly, I can probably come up with a dozen reasons why I'll recommend adopting a furkid rather than buying one, but let's leave that for another day.

... Alright, I bet you were just waiting for the photos to come up, yeah?  XD

The following are some portraits I'd taken of the dogs that were in my cousin's and my group. (The dogs at the shelter have their own excruciatingly exclusive cliques, so if a dog has caught your eye and you happen to be there with your friends to walk them, you all have to choose ones that are part of a pack if you wanna stick together.) 


This is Doris, a pure-breed Golden Retriever. I think she's the only one who defies the 'clique rule', 'cause it seems like most of the other dogs don't mind her. She's old, barrel-bodied and ambling but perfectly lovely. Her story's a sad one, yet pretty typical of a breeding dog at a puppy mill: In her prime, she was used to churn out those adorable golden puppies with melting eyes you can get around the island; when she out-lived her use, the pet store owners had intended to kill her off together with the other old mama-dogs. Thankfully, someone was able to intervene and managed to send her off to the folks at Gentle Paws. I think she's been staying there for quite a while now. 


These two are a pair of siblings -- Dyana and Dexter. They have another sister named Donna, but that girl has a much fouler temper. Isn't Dyana pretty? <3 I don't have much of an impression of her, 'cause she was walked by my cousin's friend, but I don't recall there being any problems with Dyana. On the other hand, I've heard a lot about Dexter-boy even before I'd gone down to see him. My other cousin Koko had walked him at the Furry Day two months ago. "Hyper dog," she'd said. IMO, he's the sweetest dog around, the shelter dog equivalent of sugar and spice and everything nice (in other words, he's a target for the bullies. >_<). He just loves his walks, ends up being too quickly exhausted and having to take multiple breaks. Their mother's Dior, who looks kinda like them but without the cute floppy ears. 


It's kinda heart-warming to know that there're 'happy families' that make it to the shelter, 'cause some of them are not so fortunate. I heard that there's an entire stray dog family that was fed poisoned feed a while ago. The white mother dog had perished together with her pups and it was too late for the Gentle Paws folks to do anything for them. However, they were able to save the one boy that shared his mother's colouring...

Mario's bath.

I don't have a good photo of him, but this is Mario taking a bath. (And that's my cousin Pooh and her friend hosing him down.) He's a jolly fellow. :3 Dior and her kids have accepted him as part of their pack, so the 4 of them, together with another black dog named Dribble share a hangout/enclosure. (Ah. Dribble. He was a bad boy that day. If I tell you guys what actually happened, it's not gonna help with your perception of stray mutts. So please ask me personally if you're acutely curious about it.)


Retro Xiaobai.Emily.

... I know you wouldn't believe me if I told you that they're the Fearsome Twosome of Gentle Paws, Xiaobai and Emily. (小白/Xiaobai is white, as his name suggests. He and Mario are the only two pure white dogs at Gentle Paws. You tell them apart by their ears: Xiaobai's left ear is chipped and the other kinda round-edged, while Mario's are both erect.) Admittedly, they look rather much like sheep here. In fact, they behave almost exactly like that -- around humans, that is. They love people; they scorn other doggies. For the record, I heard that Xiao Bai has a record of biting off pieces off other dogs' ears (4 dogs, I think, but it's hardly anything to boast about. >A<) Emily growls and lunges at other dogs when they're too close. They only behave civilly towards each other. Joy. :D The moment I'd stepped into the shelter, these two had caught my eye. (Not the least because they're so pretty togther -- yes, yes. Steffi's superficial. We all know that by now. =A=) Emily came up and licked my hand moments after I entered their hangout. Xiabaii took a while to warm up to me, but I ended the day with him.

Now, I ought to explain why I'd said earlier that these dogs have 'excruciatingly exclusive cliques'. Besides each being housed in  living arrangements such that no dog will end up a mess of wounds and whimpers, when being transported to the park for their monthly long walk in a small van, they've got to be ferried in these groups. This means multiple trips, sometimes with 5 dogs, sometimes with a loose group of individuals who are generally fine around other dogs. Then there's Caspian&Qiqi and Xiaobai&Emily. I ended up chilling out with Xiaobai and another volunteer who was with Emily near the end of the outing. Since there was no way that he and Emily could be transported back to the shelter with the other dogs, we ended up being the last group to go back. It happened that Caspian and Qiqi were also around. For a panicky moment, the logistics people had to figure out how to save time and not waste petrol while ensuring that us volunteers handling the dogs don't end up traumatised while sitting with the dogs at the back of the van. There's no way they could've put all 4 dogs and us in there. (This is what I meant by 'excruciating'. The number of things you have to consider. The number of repetitions you have to make just 'cause the dogs have their finicky social habits. T_T The possibility of ending up with injured dogs, maybe even intervening human, at the end.)  Luckily, the coordinator Ann managed to sit in the front with the huge Caspian and Qiqi on her lap, while I and two other humans formed a human shield keeping Xiaobai and Emily apart from the two in front. >AAAAA<

... Whew. It really does seems like a ton of work, doesn't it?

But I can attest to the fact that it's immensely rewarding, plus a lot of fun (if you've got a sense of humour, you should be able to realise the fun parts, if belatedly). Most of the dogs crave human company, since the shelter is only opened for visitors on weekends. (That's right, they're holed up there with only 1 human caretaker, Wee, for 6 days of the week. DX) I'd  go down again. The Gentle Paws owners/main volunteers keep a pretty free-and-easy structure, so it seems like you can pretty do anything if it helps the dogs and isn't totally out of their capabilities.  They've a lot of room to grow and aren't a registed charity organisation yet, unlike other more established animal shelters like (the notorious, in my book, at least) SPCA and Action for Singapore Dogs. They can do with more humans helping out along the way. 

Ah. And to close off, here's a boy that could do with some of our thoughts and prayers. 


This is Drago, a Very Recent Rescue. His coat is evidently covered with bald patches and there may be sores on his skin. I heard that he has only partial sight right now. I hadn't really interacted with him much (and wouldn't have at all, if not for Xiaobai and Emily being housed next to him) but you can tell that he was pretty forlorn in his sorry state. I patted him a bit, took a few shots and wished I could have done more at this time in point. The shelter's asking for sponsors for him right now, so if anyone's interested, please drop them a mail.


P.S. It's been a while since I've written up a long post like this, with no mention of dolls. I feel oddly proud.

P.P.S. If anyone's interested in joining me the next time I'm heading down to the shelter, please tell me! It doesn't have to be next month's Furry Day, or the one after that. It can just be a free weekend. :)

So triumphs Gwyne.

jo_sen7, so you think that your Milhwa-san makes the ultimate uke, huh.

I shall now offer you substantiation as to why I've been demurring your stance on that.

It's really because I don't think any guy can beat him when it comes
to effeminacy, if you're being serious about it. ,_, /blushes&smiles-awkwardly/resignedly


Sometimes, it's just not easy to remember that he actually has musculature. You need to force your gaze downwards <-- and doing this is just plain telling on where your mind usually resides.


It's like this: The more I feel as though I'm being forced into a corner by schoolwork,  the more I find my hands itching to get on the nearest camera/doll/internet-accessible-device. And I give in and get to doing things like that. Shooting pretty boys.

Mu. The brown wig Gwyne has on used to belong to Sana.

Is it economical, or just plain sad, that he's able to appropriate her things so easily?

Anyway, the title is in reference to the fact that Gwyne has just re-possessed his body, which has been misused by Klae over the past few weeks. Please check my previous posts to recall how.

TDA: Groupies

Disclaimer: I realise that while I have an idea of what "groupies" suggest of the ones labelled as such, I honestly don't have the full picture on what it entails and yet I have no urge to change the post' title. So if it's something outrageous, just bear with me.

Finally managed to develop + edit the photos from TDA 2011. It's been more than a month, but I don't suppose anyone actually minds late photos? Sadly, I've only one viable shot worth showing to the rest of the world. The rest are all crappy, since I'd overestimated the exposure capabilities of ISO800 film. Lesson #2: Shoot in digital for indoor affairs.

Gather 'round ye merry-folk! = TDA'11

It's amusing how the girls and boys were neatly segregated (Let's ignore Yui for a bit) into dark and light dress coordinates without premeditation on the part of their humans.

That's all.




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