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EOY BJD Meme 2011

Recycling last year's doll meme as I haven't seen any new ones this year:

2011 Doll Meme (2nd Edition with Illustrations!)

What is your favorite…

New Company for 2011: Uh... Switch isn't new anymore, right? Since they've just had their 1st Anniversary? Hm. Uh. Mostly, I've been hiding under the Switch rock, so... >A<
New Male Sculpt for 2011: Switch Soseo 

New Female Sculpt for 2011: La Legende de Temps Edria 

Limited Edition Fullset for 2011: Well. I dunno. One of the SDGr sets? SDGr Lorina, if just for her body. /sniffs

BJD Outfit for 2011: Anlegy's Greensleaf Ceruleanu Set (which I ended up purchasing)
[SD] Ceruleanu
BJD Shoes for 2011: Endless Rhapsody's suede-and-floral booties (which have been announced but aren't released yet)
Doll “innovation” for 2011: I dunno. What's new-fangled these days?
Free Event Item in 2011: I mostly purchased from Switch this year and Switch doesn't do freebies, nice as they are.
BJD Event or Contest in 2011: Pretty much busy with exams this year, but I think HKDP5 tops it, even though I didn't attend. And then there's TDA 2011 in June, which I did attend.
(MokpoP's image from Flickr of Hong Kong Dollism Plus 5)
Gather 'round ye merry-folk! = TDA'11
(Bunnisteffi's image from The Doll Affair 2011)
BJD Article, Book, Magazine or other Publication in 2011: O.O 

In 2011, how many…
…doll events did you attend? 1. The Doll Affair. And a couple of meets here and there.
…dolls did you buy? 3: Switch Soseo, MSDoll Ganymede and So Nyeon Gi Uhui.
…dolls did you miss out on buying? 1: LLdT Edria.
…dolls did you sell? None. But I'm going to be putting the Luts KDF Litchi on the marketplace as Sana's gonna be reshelled to the Uhui~
…doll hobbyists did you meet in person for the first time? I don't keep track of the new folks I come across! But the memorable ones who I keep? More than 2, less than 5, I think. But I did grow closer to a couple, like chibikayajo_sen7 ...

In 2011, did you…
…buy more/fewer dolls than you had planned? I didn't quite plan, but I knew that I wanted Ama-kun to have his human form, thus Soseo came in timely. The Ganymede was a long-time favourite, but it doesn't look like I've a character for him at the moment. Sana's reshelling... it occured to me that Uhui looks similar to her current Litchi sculpt, if just in spirit and I have been mulling over turning Sana to a SD sculpt over this year, so.
…acquire your dream doll? MSDoll Ganymede, since I've coveted him when he was first released.
…find a new dream doll? Nope.
…learn a new skill? Not really. I continued on my dressmaking for dolls endeavour.
…improve on something you knew how to do already? Ditto above and doll photography, I guess. But I've now just switched over to a Nikon D7000 (christened Nikkō Denna) so I need to get used to this new system of shooting first.

... A short list, it seems. Doll folks, do this too! It's a good way to tabulate and reflect on your resin transactions and contribution to global warming, too.


P.S. I swear that the post coming up later this week shall be more general, rather than so perversely doll-related again. >A<

P.P.S. In other news, I've had Yellowglen bubbly and cranberry Stollen this evening at my aunt's! :D Starting the Christmas party early!


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Dec. 18th, 2011 05:09 pm (UTC)
Hi. This is the first time I've checked LJ all week. Thank god we hang out IRL and on Twitter. And occasionally Flickr.


Okay I did want to type a more meaningful comment, but... /shrugs
Dec. 18th, 2011 05:33 pm (UTC)
... Who did I keep secret from you?

It's okay, Meaning takes a break from 12am onwards, weekends and public holidays included.
Dec. 18th, 2011 05:53 pm (UTC)
No one, that is true. And I still have dibs on the KDF wardrobe, right? *Yui's big puppy eyes*

Meaning takes a break on school holidays too, which we are on. :D
Dec. 19th, 2011 11:13 am (UTC)
Yes, you do. /long-suffering-sigh
Dec. 19th, 2011 06:45 pm (UTC)

The very idea of doll cons makes me excited, overwhelmed, envious and ... oh so many feelings.

Must be great. Just looking at pictures is nice.
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