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There you go again~

Dear Switch,

I have, not for the first time, expressed how much I am both in love <3 and out of love with you all at the same time.

Here is another reason why:

Switch Dollism Plus 6: the First Solo

It's not as though I'm still lusting after a Huisa, especially after I see from these faceupped Huisas that the sculpt will definitely not fit my Myon's character at all. Yet, there is still this incomprehensible desire to posses one of these beauties, y'know?

Especially with their pretty frilly garb. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I AM STONED BY LACE! AND VINTAGE-Y/OLD-FASHIONED-Y CLOOOTTHHHHESSS. >AAA< /protests You guys even managed to rope in Uyuchangongbang again, too!

I'm really curious to see how yian's Hahwa-san will look. Another cross-dresser like Uyuchagongbang's Milhwa?





Following Sanakou's 'Shirokute' shoot, I'd also edited some of the photos taken at Rene's house when we met up for spaghetti to shoot razaera's Julien.

I'm not in the mood to type copious chunks of commentary at the moment, so I shall just leave the photos here to speak for themselves.

Julian -



Reiko and Kaito

What solemn children, nicht wahr? (Gosh, Kaitou's hand just stilled in mid-air over there is so annoying! Just touch her already!!)

Ein bißchen Nachtbilder.

Just a little update before I head to bed.

I don't think I've missed much on my LJ F-list since I was able to log on a couple of times while I was in Brunei last week. At the very least, I'd caught the main highlights...? Namely, raining_on 's W and H manifesto and the posting of chuo_ri 's Ginny's photos <-- *A* So sweeeet!

I've taken quite a number of photos with my dad's Sony a290, which is comparable to my Syon (a350) but with fewer whistles and tricks. It's a blessing that I had the digital camera around, 'cause of the whole film-loading fiasco with my Mamiya film camera that ended up with me realising that I've had an extensive 3-days composition + manual-focusing exercise with exactly 0 photos being shot. Way to go, Steffi. >A< Lesson: It's better to be safe than sorry. Weigh the pros and cons of having extra exposures VS film end not being secured properly = film doesn't advance. 
Here's a preview of two photos, one from the actual trip (rainbow at twilight!) and another of Sana from our 183-photos shoot at my dad's place. YAY FOR HUGE WINDOWS!

Rainbow on the way back from Papa's Site

Shirokute. - Prelude
It really was a satisfying trip. Besides having my fill of teh tarik, kolo mee and the best kosong prata I've ever eaten, 'twas also quite a relaxing change from the bustle and compactness of S'pore. I'd brought Desai's In Custody along and the surroundings of Bandar Seri Begawan did help some in visualising the setting of the novel. ^_^ Perhaps those who're nostalgic about 80's Singapore would be able to relive some of their memories from those days, as far as the food and towns' architecture are concerned.

Out of Town Hiatus + D.crew Observation

Here's a quick note to say that I'll be out of Singapore until the coming Sunday. (Visiting my dad! It so happens that it's the father's day weekend, too!) If anyone has any pressing rantings/squealings/impositions/requests/small talks that they wish me to see to/respond to, either leave a comment here or send me a PM. I've only a vague idea of what the broadband network is like in Brunei, so I may just go online to check my emails.

In the meantime, take care, all ye folks! Stay in good health, or feel better soon if you aren't. 'w'

A side-comment: We are accumulating the Ks in our conbined crews, raining_on, jo_sen7 and myself. Here's the list, for the record: Kristopfe, Klaesante, Kae(min), Kage, Kaito, Keigo, Kaede. Mu. I think this just means that we can't ever go, Oh, have you changed K's furwig recently? or, Hey, let's put these Ks together for a shot!


Eyre, Jane.

By myself, I went to watch Jane Eyre (2010) today. I must say that this is the best version of a Jane Eyre film that I've watched so far -- admittedly, I've only other one I've watched is the BBC TV series. Also, whatever judgement I pass of the movie is likely biased, since I've always favoured Mia Wasikowska and all the lovely scenery/set locations/beautiful period clothing/lace/Jane's lacey wedding dress/Mr R's straw bowler hat/Jane's gold lace bonnet etc. -- OH YOU GET THE DRIFT -- had me utterly overwhelmed.
SPOILERS appear in the below. I have attempted to be considerate by throwing it all under a LJ-cut, but evidently, the art of LJ-cutting still eludes Steffi. I do apologise if you have no wish to be spoiled, but the most that you can do is to scroll past this post really quickly. Like, zoom!

I'm sure you can deduce by now that for the most part, I was distracted from the actual plot/conversations by certain details. Such as that one scene when Mr R holds Jane (prematurely) close in the first attempt of arson, I was staring at her fine, fiiiine hair that was back-lit with a soft glow... And the ending sequence when I kept admiring the autumn-y hues of the garden they were in and how Mr R and Jane's clothes match--!

That isn't to say that I had totally missed out on the other significant aspects of the movie, such as the constant emphasis on deception/deceivers (I hadn't realised this while reading the novel) and how Jane, despite her plainess, is actually quite lovely with her face under that splendid, fuwafuwa wedding veil. Most importantly, I was actually somewhat in dismay for being able to identify some aspects of Jean Rhys's character in him, his possessiveness in particular:

"You are like a reed... I could crush between finger and thumb … but I could still not have your soul, and that is what I want!
-- E. Fairfax Rochester (Jane Eyre by C. Brontë)

"I hated its beauty and its magic and the secret I would never know... [f]or she belonged to the magic and the loveliness. She had left me thirsty and all my life would be thirst and longing for what I had lost before I found it."
-- Antoinette's English husband a.k.a. Mr Rochester (Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys)

I had goosebumps on hearing this coming from Mr R's mouth. >A<

Now for some photos of what'd left me gaping like a dolt for most parts of the movie:

Mrs. Fairfax's Lace kerchief! And headdress! And The Gold Bonnet of Intricacies...

I can't quite express how much I love the wedding go -- no, The Wedding Gown, yep that's better. The bonnet veil! The lace collar! *A*


There're enough times that I wish I were more patient, took time to think more thoroughly over things.

Which is to say, I wish I hadn't submitted my last TDA shot when I did, because I realised pretty quickly that there're many flaws to that photo. *hides under rock*

This afternoon, I took Gwyne and Sana down to this little bush-tree that I've scouted out -- or rather, been seeing-but-not-quite-noticing-until-now after having walked past that area every day for the past dozen years --  and did a little shoot for them. I shall not go on about the inquisitive looks/by-your-leaves of my neighbours, all of who had to walk past in the 30 minutes I was there posing the dolls and getting their shots done. ._. Notwithstanding, I did get a couple of Sana being photogenic. :D

Here's a spoiler-y/blooper photo, resized but otherwise unedited:

(I love Switch's Pecan Brown HR-fibre wigs! In photos, it doesn't really matter that the wigs are technically a size too big for both Sana and Gwyne -- they've 7-8 inch heads and the wigs are 8-9 inch.)

This is why it's a good idea to always look past the subject when taking photos. *coughs* At least I noticed the bag in time for the remaining part.

I'm thinking of uploading the whole set to the 'net only after I've had the film photos taken with Shizen developed, too.

Oh and it seems like I've not yet introduced the old dame Shizen (who is aged in years but not in mien).

Mamiya Shizen [Pyon]

Click for my details on my Flickr page!

If you're wondering -- yep, that's a bunny plushie-photographer on a platform made of books. >_<



Side-tracking from school work, I decided to go hunt around for Gwyne-appropriate clothes. *coughs* <-- Yep, not for myself.

Isn't it a wonderful shirt? And it's in brown! Let's just ignore the fact that it's from Burberry and the entire ensemble costs more than 3 grand. >_>

A true-brown combination of parka, ribbed cotton sweater and chino trousers.

Odd, but gladiator-style sandals with these cardamon wool jersey toursers look rather refreshing. I'm thinking of getting Gwyne a pair of sandals like Sana's from TB. Or perhaps these from Sadol (not the kilt!pants: look below that):


Of all brands, why did Burberry come straight to mind when you stared at the Google searchbox, Steffi?!!


Switch wigs coming in for razaera  and me today. raining_on , PLEASE don't miss the parcel!

Okies. Back to summarising Inflation causes and effects from a pile of already summarised lecture notes. =A=




Half-and-Half: Hammer & Lightning

I really hadn't expected for my family (3 generations of it all) to be split almost evenly between those who've voted for the incumbent and those for the opposition.
Imagine my shock when my dad showed me his iPhone inbox in which he joked to a colleague that he would be -- the bad joke is thankfully not mine -- dragging "the hammer" to the polling centre.

Corny puns about lightning and hammers aside (Thor? o.O), I'd like to remark on the fact that I'm saying this on a public journal i.e. revealing the political inclinations of my close folks because I'm certain that S'pore is past that atmosphere of kiasi-ness. Fearing what the Gah'men would do to you if you're to even breathe about preferring the opposition, that's apparently how it isn't anymore. (Channel 5 reporter'd gone, The Workers' Party supporters are really not camera shy, aren't they? or something to that effect.)
Now: What about me? To which party would my hypothetical vote be casted? IMO, because I can't help but posses a streak of kiasuism, after seeing how green a neighbouring previously-opposing-but-currently-incumbent-polit.party has dealt with a recent crisis, I'm more in favour with the party with greater experience. What, of course it's not fair since the opposition has near negligible opportunity to act around town. But that line of argument isn't enough to convince me to "give them a chance".
I guess there'll be quite a number of folks out there (should they read this) who're glad that I'm still not part of the eligible electorate.


It's out! The body's specs! :*・゜(n‘∀‘)η゚・*:

Brief translation:

SDGr Girl Body (heels)
Height: 58cm
Bust: 23.5cm
Waist: 16.5cm
Hip: 25.5cm
Shoulder to below chest: 19cm
From buttocks on: 29.5cm
Feet size: 6cm
Feet width: 2.5cm

I love her smaller waist and larger hips! And her pretty knees (that Luts need to learn from when they renew their Kid Delf body!!!)  and posability! Suwarikko-capable thighs, too! :D

I guess Volks has just answered all of my requirements for Myon's body (even the smaller chest -- that byouyuuken seems to be griping about, that degenerate -- which for a time I'd given up on seeing what the market's been offering). Now, once I'm done saving for their face-ups, it'll be for one of these bodies next. By some time next year, I hope.

Images of the body can be found here and here. (Links from raining_on  and possibly DoA)

A thought.

The shell that bears not the weight of men
is but hardly a shell(: it serves not its purpose)

O, these poor little snail-slugs--


Little snail's path
OAO P.S. Before anyone asks this: No, I haven't smushed a snail today, but I saw one and was filled with revulsion at the thought of stepping on it by accident. Seen enough sluggy-shelly remains to know what I hope to miss.



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